Exploring Diversity

Here are three fun diversity activities that you can take part in:


group of people gathering on grass field
group of people gathering on grass field

Cultural Diversity Card Game: Create a card game with images representing different cultures, such as traditional costumes, foods, dances, or landmarks. Divide the children into groups and distribute the cards. Each group should research the culture depicted on their card and then share what they have learned with others. Encourage discussion and the exchange of knowledge about the different cultures featured in the game.

Language Fair: Organize a fair where children can learn and practice basic words and phrases in different languages. Set up different stations with signs and activities related to popular languages like English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, among others. Children can engage in memory games, songs, or simple dialogues at each station to familiarize themselves with linguistic diversity and learn new words.

Multicultural Storytelling: Arrange a storytelling session featuring stories from various cultures and traditions. Invite parents, grandparents, or community members from different cultural backgrounds to share popular folktales from their home countries. After each story, encourage discussions about the lessons learned, the similarities and differences with familiar stories, and how we can appreciate and respect cultural diversity.

These activities provide children with the opportunity to learn about diversity in a playful and participatory way, promoting empathy, respect, and appreciation for differences.